To achieve wildfire resilience in an equitable and sustainable manner with the help of convergence research and co-production with stakeholders.

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  • National low spatio-temporal resolution fire detection and ecosystem response datasets.
  • Forestry- and rangeland-centric workforce to handle wildfires with limited access to advanced wildfire Decision Support tools.
  • Isolated centers and labs focused on pieces of the wildland fire problem.


  • Technology, predictive tools, and design codes to help communities prepare for and survive fires.
  • System to integrate existing wildfire tools and data nationally.
  • System to share data and promote standards.
  • Workforce trained in diverse perspectives including engineering, fires science, and community engagement.

Why a Center?

  • Siloed approaches will not yield a solution to a “wicked problem”
  • A system-of-systems perspective is lacking
  • Convergent research towards a unified vision is needed

The complexity of “wicked problems” requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond siloed solutions. These types of problems require a system-of-systems perspective that considers the interconnectedness of several factors. It is essential to consider the interdependent relationships between different systems and components to find a sustainable solution. Therefore, a convergent research approach that aligns with a unified vision is necessary to address the complex nature of these issues. Only by considering the big picture and working together towards a common goal can we hope to find effective and lasting solutions to wicked problems.

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Why an Engineering Center?

  • Building on decades of experience in hazard engineering and disaster resilience sciences
  • Converging fundamental science and technology solutions towards decision support tools to tackle the wildfire problem
Wildfire Call to Action

A “Wicked” Problem

Our Focus Areas

  • Open Source
  • Convergence and Co-Production by Academia, Government, Private Enterprise, and Nonprofits
  • Emphasizing resilience-impacting regimes of wildfire (Pre and Post)
  • Characterizing socio-economic risks & resilience
  • Featuring Makers & Reconnaissance teams

White Paper

If you would like to learn more about our project, we invite you to download our white paper. Simply click the button below to access the document and gain a deeper understanding of our goals, objectives, and approach.